Formula for Miracles asked: Do You Have a Default ‘Vow of Poverty’ and Don’t Know It?

Do you have a default ‘Vow of Poverty’ and don’t know it?

I did. I’ve been around a few decades. I have attracted large amounts of money and was outright given wonderful gifts (homes, cars, antiques, jewelry, etc.) but lost most of it at some point because of it.

It turned out my ‘Vow of Poverty’ was handed down to me from downloaded programs that my parents and grandparents downloaded from their parents and grandparents. It can go back many generations I have come to find out, through the very testing I am referring to, and sharing with you.

How did I find this out? I muscle tested to see if it was true. It did not surprise me because I grew up very poor. My dad was an orphan and my mom was as they termed in her day, as “poor as a church mouse.” Her father spent all his money on prostitutes while they went hungry. My mom has had a healthy appetite her whole life and is a large woman because of it.

I think if she would do some releasing on it, she could lose the weight she complains about all the time. Her mind sees how fat she is and even when she cuts back on food, her body still remains as the picture she see in mind.

She could over ride this by installing a new software, but like most people she resists change and is attached to her suffering as a subconscious way to punish herself.

Anyway, I asked if I could let that download go, and I answered a resounding YES, packed with an energetic punch, just to make sure I was heard loud and clear by my unconscious as a new download.

I seconded that YES by using the Neuro-Tap Change Protocol outlined in a wonderful course called Mastering Your Inner Game. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Then I tested it again and it was gone. Done!!! Gone in less than 30 seconds! This is why I am telling you about this. There is no need to carry around programs that become your default browser. :-) Meaning it operates over other browsers unless we hit a button that gives this default program another command.

Here is the test you can use to see if you have a ‘Vow of Poverty':

Stand upright with your feet apart parallel to your shoulders, with your head and toes pointed forward, and with your hands down by your sides. Then ask: Do I have a Vow of Poverty’? If you tilt forward your answer is YES. If you tilt backwards, your answer is NO. I do this with foods and supplements and a whole host of other things.

The unconscious records everything. It knows it all. And it is such a know it all, that it wins out every time over the conscious mind which only makes up 5% of our mind. That’s what makes releasing and tapping so powerful (I love and use the combo along with muscle testing – the three is a charm for me).

It deleted this inherited download. I carried this Vow of Poverty around my whole lifetime. It caused me a lot of stress and suffering. Thank Goddess I can let you in on this default program you could be carrying around!

Check it out. See if you have a Vow of Poverty you might have inherited or downloaded that you are not aware of.


PS. Here is a page that explains more on muscle testing. (scroll down to see videos)

PSS. Here is a written interview with Brent Phillips of ‘Formula for Miracles’ on his Theta Healing Technology/Therapy offering:


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